Find Your Home

Have you wanted to take advantage of the incredible deals on the housing market right now, but aren’t sure of how to go about purchasing a foreclosure? We offer a full service solution that guides you easily through the process of owning a home.

We constantly comb the current foreclosure market, allowing us to eliminate the undesirable properties and keep only the best of what’s available. Every home has been inspected and assessed for any cosmetic damage that can be easily fixed and any structural work that is required. This allows us to keep the price attractive and affordable. Ordinarily when someone buys a foreclosure they don’t know what it will cost to do any necessary or wanted repairs; however, our inspections allow us to determine ahead of time what it will cost to fix the home so the buyer knows exactly what the end price will. This process is a huge advantage when dealing with financing and a budget.

We have homes all over the Poconos and Lehigh Valley but we have concentrated our efforts on attractive commuter locations that offers today’s family lots of amenities and activities right in the community.

Customize Your Home

When a customer chooses one of the many homes we have previewed, we have the opportunity to collaborate with the client and show them the work that we propose and the cost associated with that work. The client has the opportunity at this time to add or subtract any non-necessary work, depending on their tastes or their budget. The home is inspected by an independent third party once an offer is made and any other items that need to be added or the client wants will be included and added to the estimate. This process is designed to remove all questions and concerns and put the buyer at ease, knowing a team of professionals is looking after every part of the process for them.

At this point, our clients can start thinking about the exciting prospect of choosing colors for items such as flooring, paint, cabinets, counter tops, fixtures and more, depending on their personal tastes. It’s like building a home without the hassle of new construction loans or the extended time frames associated with building. You can have the best of both worlds at a very low price!

Finance Your Home

As our client, you are privy to some of the best financial professionals in the area who specialize in guiding you through the foreclosure loan process. They have extensive experience in closing loans that utilize government backed FHA loan programs for qualified individuals. These programs offer amazing advantages to the savvy home buyer who wants to secure a great deal in today’s market.

Our financial professionals will guide the client to avoid any pitfalls or problems that will waste time thereby streamlining the path to homeownership.

Closing On Your New Home

When you’ve found the house you love and secured the loan you need…it’s time to close on your new home. Title Insurance is required on every new home purchase across the nation so we offer our clients a stress free closing experience with the area’s most respected title company. They’ve been in business for nearly 30 years and have the know-how to get the job done right. The Title Company represents YOU… the buyer. They represent you at the closing table and their cost is a fraction of an attorney’s cost.