Unfortunately, the market for newly built homes continues to fall although not as drastically as it has been.  The housing market overall has stabilized across much of the country although there are always specific areas that continue to decline and others that recover more rapidly. As a whole, the housing market will not recover fully [...]

We went out this week to look at homes in the $120,000 to $200,000 range since a bunch of foreclosures had just been released onto the market.  We found some outrageous deals! These homes only need some upgrading and cosmetic work and are perfect for a quick, Streamline 203K for a home buyer or, they’re [...]

These days everyone is talking about the great deals to be had by purchasing a foreclosed home. But how much money is there really to be saved? Actually, quite a bit.

The latest numbers from RealtyTrac show that for the month of March, the average purchase price of a non-distressed home in Pennsylvania was $182,500. This compared with the average purchase of $120,371 on a foreclosed home in Pennsylvania, which works out to an average savings of about $62,000, or 34%.

We just finished up a very nice foreclosure for a couple from New York, so lets have a quick overview of the amazing deal they got through Pennsylvania Foreclosure Professionals.

The home was bigger than what they expected to be able to afford but it came in under their budget and that is one of the biggest advantages to these foreclosure projects.

Another happy couple who got an incredible deal turning a foreclosure into a dream come true!

There used to be a huge advantage to new construction when it came to location because so much good land was still available. That advantage has shrunk right along with the inventory of good, available building lots.

Spring is always a popular season to look for a new home, and this spring may be one of the best in nearly a decade for buyers to take advantage of deals on the housing market. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) the median price for existing home sales is $156,100, the lowest since February 2002. In addition to this, Move Inc. reported that inventory is up 13% in the past year. So what does this mean when you want to buy a foreclosure?