Let’s face it… everyone knows the most important thing in real estate is…..??   Location, location, location! Even people who know very little, or nothing, about property know the age-old adage about location, location, location.

There used to be a huge advantage to new construction when it came to location because so much good land was still available.  That advantage has shrunk right along with the inventory of good, available building lots.

More and more we’ve seen customers who know where they wish to live but are unable to find a piece of land in that location.

The great news is, all the existing inventory on the market allows home buyers a wide range of possibilities in just about every area! We have clients who ask for housing in a particular location and we can find a home for them easier than a piece of land.

To use another “age old adage” that everyone knows…. it’s a win-win situation!

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